Calgary, AB
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McRae Inc. provides a different approach to outplacement that doesn’t currently exist in the marketplace. Our philosophy resembles a “people helping people” approach, a time where personal service was just that, personal. Cam and his colleagues have all worked in the traditional outplacement model where the “client comes to us”. As Calgary has grown as a city and as technology has invaded our lives, it is our sense that the traditional model of outplacement no longer provides the most efficient and effective way to help people.

Career Training and Human Resource Consulting CalgaryIn the traditional, “they come to us” model, clients must travel to the downtown area, find and pay for parking and then attend a variety of workshops, seminars and hopefully a meeting with a consultant. While this model has worked well for years, the growth in Calgary has made it expensive both in money and time to attend traditional programs. It can take up to a ½ day for a 1 hour meeting because of the travel time to the downtown area (where most outplacement firms are), it can be up to $20 (or more) to park and then the travel time back home, not an efficient use of time or money.

In our model of service delivery, “we go to you”. In the interest of convenience to the client, cost and time savings, we have developed a “people helping people” model where the emphasis in our program is on the client/consultant relationship that comes through extensive 1-1 meetings in a setting of the client’s choosing, whether this is in Calgary or other parts of Alberta. As most people now have some form of home office, the need for office space at the outplacement firm is just not necessary, and quite frankly, is not used by clients much anymore. The main reason, people enjoy working from the familiar comfort of their home or wireless enabled coffee shop, so do we!

The benefit of this; the travel time is ours, and the client gets the undivided attention of their consultant without losing time and money driving and parking.

Our meetings take place in the location of the client’s choosing. In most cases, that is in a favorite coffee shop near their home and in some cases, it is in their home. This has been a great value to those parents who appreciate not having to arrange child care and the time savings of not having to travel to a meeting.

We are able to provide extensive career testing, resume writing, interview prep and job search support as a traditional outplacement program, but delivered in a setting familiar to the client.

Ask yourself, “if I have the choice of going downtown for a meeting or going to my local Starbuck’s” where would you choose?!