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Helping your child get a job isn’t helping


by Eileen Dooley
From Globe and Mail

April 1, 2014

As the school year enters its final stretch, career coaches begin to see a surge in potential new business – not from the soon-to-be college or university graduates, but from their parents. At least a couple times a month, I get a call from a parent wanting me to help their adult child find a job.

When I ask the parent to have their child call me to arrange a preliminary consultation, the typical request from the parent is for me to call the child, because the child is really busy. They quickly e-mail me his or her phone number, sometimes with a schedule specifying when would be the best time to call. When I say that this is not the way I work, the parent sometimes asks the child to call me. More times than not, the adult child is not aware the parent has called me to begin with.

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I’m skilled with languages. What’s a good career option?


by Eileen Dooley
From The Globe and Mail

February 20, 2014


I’m 22 and I’m from Uzbekistan. I recently graduated from a languages school with a major in English. I like learning languages. In addition to knowing English fairly well, I know Russian, Japanese and Turkish. My Japanese and Turkish are on intermediate level. My problem is that I don’t know what career is best for me and I’m not sure if I should study a new field. Knowing several languages isn’t enough to find a good job here in my country. I think I have to study something else such as business, economics, or computer science, to be successful. Can you help guide me? I know languages and work well with computers. What skills do I require to get a good job?

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My team leader’s a bully and my manager won’t listen


by Eileen Dooley
From The Globe and Mail

December 9, 2013


For close to two years now, my team leader has been bullying me. He shouts at me in front of my co-worker and often denigrates the quality of my work. 

Lately, the workload has increased and it is proving difficult to meet our deadlines, yet we have been given no assistance. I have raised these issues with my manager, but she said I had to deal with my team leader only. In fact, she even stopped me with a “talk-to-the-hand” gesture. Then, during my most recent evaluation, I was told I was going to be subject to a “performance improvement plan,” in which my work will be closely monitored.

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When a better job looks worse on paper


by Karina Martinez-Carter
From BBC - Capital

November 13, 2013

Angela Ahrendts was at the top of the ladder at luxury British retailer Burberry Group plc when she announced her decision to leave the role of chief executive officer to take the post of senior vice president of retail and online at consumer electronics giant Apple Inc.

News of the move — a CEO jumping to a lesser position, albeit at one of the world’s most coveted companies — made headlines around the world. Some people perceived it as smart, even advantageous, while others considered it highly unusual.

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