Calgary, AB
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Gerard Alberts, Psychologist / Coach / Consultant

Gerard Alberts

Over the past 25 years, Gerard has pursued professional and leadership opportunities consistent with his values, principles and ethics to support the development of people and healthy workplaces. He enjoyed earlier opportunities as a musician, youth counsellor, information systems coordinator, school psychologist, employee and family counsellor, and director of a counselling centre. Since the early stages of his career, Gerard has helped people with personal, career and professional development goals. His extensive experience ranges from psychology to business; from service delivery to executive management; from psychological assessment to leader coaching; and from career management to management consulting.

As Regional Manager of employee assistance and workplace support programs for numerous large employers in Alberta, he had the opportunity to discover and help resolve some of the most difficult HR and workplace concerns, while leading a large team of professional consultants across the province. He understands the needs and challenges of career-minded people and business leaders in developing effective teams in today's tumultuous marketplace. Currently, as a consultant to organizations and individuals, he combines his unique experience in psychology, business and leadership to provide individual and team development programs, leader assessment and coaching, career transition support, and succession planning services.

Gerard holds both a bachelor’s and a master's degree from the University of Calgary. He is a licensed registered psychologist whose formal education has been supplemented by extensive training and experience in leadership, career and workplace management, coaching and human resource solutions. He is Past Chair of the Calgary Industrial/Organizational Psychology Group, with broad experience as a member of several associations, boards, and committees. Currently an active member of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Committee of the Psychologists Association of Alberta, he is also senior faculty of City University of Seattle (Alberta).