Calgary, AB
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Chris Cribb

Chris Cribb

Chris is an Independent Licensed LifeSuccess® Consultant who possesses a strong ability to elicit and respond to client needs, is known for his collaborative approach, providing high quality, innovative service. Chris possesses excellent listening, interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to lead, guide and motivate people from all walks of life. As a gifted mentor, he has supported hundreds of individuals through a variety of transitions including career change, job loss and organizational change.

In addition to Life Success Consulting® he holds a BA and a PDAD (Education), MBTI® qualification, the Birkman First Look®, Passion Test Certification®, a Certificate in Management Development and a Marketing designation. Chris is also trained in Recruiting using the proven methods of Peter Leffkowitz, of the Morgan Consulting Group, widely considered one of the top recruiters in the world.

Chris has lived in and travelled to many parts of the world. Born in India of British parents, he has lived in Africa, Australia and England. His travels have taken him to the Far East, the Middle East, South America and Europe. Currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where he has lived for the past 21 years, and enjoys walking, bicycling, associating with close friends and reading.